Girl Meets Chicago

On a recent trip to the Windy City, I was able scratch my city slicking itch, and visit a some restaurants that hold true to Chicago’s traditional cuisine. During my time I stayed in Calumet City, a southern suburb of Chicago. There I discovered Andy’s, a hotdog joint. Not much to tell other than it was one of the best dogs I’ve had in a while. I ordered the classic Chicago style wiener. One of the best things about dogs in the Chi, is that most of them are beef (as I very rarely eat pork.) Not to mention the free fries. If you’re ever in the area I definitely suggest the swanky, 60’s style spot.
Now to pizza. One cannot visit this city without getting an authentic deep dish pie. After shopping on Michigan Ave. (on a very busy Saturday) we stopped in a pizza restaurant a block over, on Ohio Street. Little did we know it was the home of first deep dish pizza, Pizzeria Uno. (I found out this information after a google search once I got back to Louisiana.) That explains why the place was so packed. I ordered half cheese/ half pepperoni. A+ in my book!
For more information about Pizzeria Uno, Click Here

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