Pardon my Gyro

I’m so excited to have experienced a priceless touch of Greece without spending a dime. This gyro came from the Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Monroe. As apart of a fundraising event,  the Church passed out Greek cuisine during lunch hours for a couple of days, which allowed many (including myself) to switch up their lunch regiment and step outside the box.

King Cake … Cake Cake Cake Cake

If you get the baby, the next one’s on you. The first time someone told me this I was utterly confused. In short, the name “King Cake” originates from the biblical “Three Kings” and the plastic baby inside represents baby Jesus. Now this is my first time living in Louisiana so I’m sure I’ll gain more knowledge and taste several variations of the traditional Mardi Gras dessert.
Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Tickle my Pickle…Barrel

With the Superbowl on the brink, along with tons of college basketball, The Pickle Barrel is a great place to grab a burger and a brew to watch the game. On my recent visit, I ordered the Jamaican burger which comes covered in the Jamaica-me-crazy sauce on a jalapeño bun (not spicy at all.) Perfect sweet and tangy twist to an American classic.
The Pickle Barrel is located in Monroe. Curious about their menu? Click here

Banana Pudding … Nuff said.

It’s most definitely the time of year that we are a little more leniant in the things we eat. It seems that during the holidays we don’t mind getting “a little more” or “an extra scoop.” This calls for sweets; this calls for banana pudding.
Below you can find one of the most simple, yet delicious banana pudding recipes. (and it’s the real thing with vanilla wafers and all)
1 cup sugar
2/3 cup of flour
8 egg yolks
4 cups of milk
2 tsp of vanilla extract
2 boxes of cookies
3-4 bananas
Add sugar, flour, eggs and milk to pot on medium heat.
Constantly stir until thickened (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT … NO TV BREAKS)
Once thick, let pudding cool for 25-30 minutes.
Add vanilla extract.
Once complete, layer in this order:

Girl Meets Chicago

On a recent trip to the Windy City, I was able scratch my city slicking itch, and visit a some restaurants that hold true to Chicago’s traditional cuisine. During my time I stayed in Calumet City, a southern suburb of Chicago. There I discovered Andy’s, a hotdog joint. Not much to tell other than it was one of the best dogs I’ve had in a while. I ordered the classic Chicago style wiener. One of the best things about dogs in the Chi, is that most of them are beef (as I very rarely eat pork.) Not to mention the free fries. If you’re ever in the area I definitely suggest the swanky, 60’s style spot.
Now to pizza. One cannot visit this city without getting an authentic deep dish pie. After shopping on Michigan Ave. (on a very busy Saturday) we stopped in a pizza restaurant a block over, on Ohio Street. Little did we know it was the home of first deep dish pizza, Pizzeria Uno. (I found out this information after a google search once I got back to Louisiana.) That explains why the place was so packed. I ordered half cheese/ half pepperoni. A+ in my book!
For more information about Pizzeria Uno, Click Here

Dinner and a Movie


Although I am a St. Louis native, my parents currently reside in Shreveport; thus I visit there a lot. One of my favorite places to eat there is (oddly enough) a movie theater. Located downtown, the Robinson Film Center features an array of independent films. It also is the home of a hidden gem called Abby Singer’s Bistro.  What’s cool is that the restaurant and theater come together to have special events for movie showings. 

And the food. Well, we’re not talking popcorn and nachos. Abby Singer’s Bistro has a fully loaded menu (and bar). During my visit, I chose the fan favorite … the “Royale”.  Simple enough but good nonetheless (and filling). Some other favorites on the menu include chicken and waffles, and even some vegetarian dishes. If you’re ever in Shreveport and are looking for a unique dining/movie experience, you probably should come to this place. 
And no, you don’t have to see a movie to eat there. 
Wanna know more about Abby Singer’s Bistro? Click here

Cupcakes for PTSD


When’s the last time you’ve heard of a cupcake helping someone? Well, there is a such thing. Here in Monroe there are two women that formulate the organization “Cupcakes for PTSD”. They raise money by selling cupcakes and use the proceeds to help a veteran and his/her family who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I was first introduced to the Cupcakes for PTSD at a media event on the campus of University of Louisiana at Monroe. Sitting amidst an array of food were these teeny-tiny cupcakes with huge, delicious flavor. Once the hostess told me about the company, I knew I had to meet them. A day later I reached out to one of the owners, Kacey Eppinette, to speak to her about the organization. Turns out, the company is not just business, but also personal; as her husband lost his battle with PTSD a couple of years ago. To help cope, Eppinette chose to come to the rescue for others.


Cupcakes for PTSD offers several flavors including: vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, red velvet and chocolate peanut butter-all of which are equally amazing. This year the duo will finish selling cupcakes and taking donations on December 13th. A few days later they will use the money/items collected to give to a family in need.

To find out more about Cupcakes for PTSD or to donate visit their Facebook page here

Or email them at:

You can also call Renea Tarver directly to order some of the most delicious cupcakes you’ll ever have: (318) 789-4889

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