Dinner and a Movie


Although I am a St. Louis native, my parents currently reside in Shreveport; thus I visit there a lot. One of my favorite places to eat there is (oddly enough) a movie theater. Located downtown, the Robinson Film Center features an array of independent films. It also is the home of a hidden gem called Abby Singer’s Bistro.  What’s cool is that the restaurant and theater come together to have special events for movie showings. 

And the food. Well, we’re not talking popcorn and nachos. Abby Singer’s Bistro has a fully loaded menu (and bar). During my visit, I chose the fan favorite … the “Royale”.  Simple enough but good nonetheless (and filling). Some other favorites on the menu include chicken and waffles, and even some vegetarian dishes. If you’re ever in Shreveport and are looking for a unique dining/movie experience, you probably should come to this place. 
And no, you don’t have to see a movie to eat there. 
Wanna know more about Abby Singer’s Bistro? Click here

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