Cupcakes for PTSD


When’s the last time you’ve heard of a cupcake helping someone? Well, there is a such thing. Here in Monroe there are two women that formulate the organization “Cupcakes for PTSD”. They raise money by selling cupcakes and use the proceeds to help a veteran and his/her family who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I was first introduced to the Cupcakes for PTSD at a media event on the campus of University of Louisiana at Monroe. Sitting amidst an array of food were these teeny-tiny cupcakes with huge, delicious flavor. Once the hostess told me about the company, I knew I had to meet them. A day later I reached out to one of the owners, Kacey Eppinette, to speak to her about the organization. Turns out, the company is not just business, but also personal; as her husband lost his battle with PTSD a couple of years ago. To help cope, Eppinette chose to come to the rescue for others.


Cupcakes for PTSD offers several flavors including: vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, red velvet and chocolate peanut butter-all of which are equally amazing. This year the duo will finish selling cupcakes and taking donations on December 13th. A few days later they will use the money/items collected to give to a family in need.

To find out more about Cupcakes for PTSD or to donate visit their Facebook page here

Or email them at:

You can also call Renea Tarver directly to order some of the most delicious cupcakes you’ll ever have: (318) 789-4889

Learn more about Cupcakes for PTSD -> Article


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