We all know the deal when you move somewhere new and want to grab a bite. You go online, check out the restaurants in the area, and check the reviews (and pictures if they’re available.) That’s exactly what I did for a restaurant named Trios. However, the review failed to mention that is was attached to a Shell gas station. It was the oddest thing, yet had very little to do with swanky interior decor or the food; as it was amazing. I ordered a shrimp poboy; phenomenal. And if you’re a french fry queen (or king) like myself, you’d enjoy the steak fries. 
Now…this is just the first visit. 
The second time was brunch. I ordered the shrimp and grits and a pancake. Amazing. Accompanied my meal with bottomless mimosas and finished with bread pudding. Lesson of the day? Don’t judge a book by its cover. It may be safe to say Trios is one of the best kept (and hidden) secrets in Monroe. 
Wanna take a gander at their menu? Click here

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